Time to Celebrate

My second poetry chapbook, Gifts of the Seasons, Spring and Summer, has been released by Kelsay Books and is available at their online bookstore, as well as on Amazon. Gifts of the Seasons, Spring and Summer contains 40 pages of my poetry accessible to readers of all ages. My hope is that people will experience the beautiful, sensory images of spring and summer and enjoy the recollection of seasonal activities like hiking, gardening, rafting, and kite flying.

“Just as a painter renders a lovely image with a brush, Suzanne Cottrell paints nature images with words. A meteor streaks across the sky, illuminating a mountain lake. A trout rises to a deer hair fly cast on a pool at the South Toe River. On a Caribbean beach, ‘Sips of blue, raspberry slushy/chill my mouth, a sapphire ice cave,/so cold it burns my throat like blue/lava flow that colors my tongue.’ The images delight both ear and eye and the reader will want to turn to these poems again and again.”—Ray Zimmerman, naturalist, photographer, and author of Healing and Conflict.

This is the companion chapbook to Gifts of the Seasons, Autumn and Winter, released by Kelsay Books in May, 2020. Each chapbook sells for $16.00.

Thank you for your encouragement and support as I continue on my writing journey. I hope you’ll enjoy my latest collection of seasonal poems and that you’ll let me know what your favorite one is.

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