On December 19, 2022, Kelsay Books released my hybrid book, Nature Calls Outside My Window, A Collection of Poems and Stories. It contains 67 poems and 12 stories focused on observations of and encounters with some of nature’s creatures.  My book is available at and at

“What’s the Rush?” my poem and the accompanying painting by Jenny McKinnon Wright were published in the Art Inspired by Art anthology by Quillkeepers Press on December 1, 2022.

May 31, 2022, Quillkeepers Press released its nature inspired anthology, Botany of Gaia. I am fortunate to have five poems: “Precision Pilots,” “Murmuration,” “Woodland Discoveries,” “Remnants,” and “Solitary Walk,” as well as one nonfiction story, “Up a Tree” included.

In April, 2022, Nailpolish Stories, A Tiny and Colorful Literary Magazine published my micro-fiction stories of exactly 25 words each: “Make a Splash” and “Take a Walk.”

As of July 15, 2021, my third poetry chapbook, Scarred Resilience, is now available at and at  My chapbook contains 40 poems that I hope readers will find uplifting as they pause and reflect on their lives.  We all deal with different challenges, such as loss, medical conditions, heart breaks, aging, bullying, abuse, and/or stress throughout the course of our lives.  We can succumb and fall victim to challenge,s or we can choose to overcome them, often bearing physical and/or emotional scars.  We can empower ourselves by gaining new knowledge, skills, confidence, and strength.  We are resilient.

As of January, 2021, my second poetry chapbook, Gifts of the Season, Spring and Summer, is now available at and  The poems are suitable for all ages.  This chapbook is the companion to Gifts of the Seasons, Autumn and Winter.

As of May 25, 2020, my debut poetry chapbook, Gifts of the Seasons, Autumn and Winter, is now available at Kelsay Books and Amazon .  It is a collection of 36 poems containing beautiful imagery and experiences.

You can access some of my writing at these journal’s free websites.  Follow the provided links.  Scroll down farther for information and links to purchase journals and anthologies containing some of my writing.

Free Access to Writing by Suzanne Cottrell (Suzy Berry)

“Ghost Harbingers” and Other Poems: “Out of Time,” “Celestial Clutter,” “Worm-ridden Republic,” and “Danger Below” were published online at on September 17, 2020.

Quail Bell Magazine, posted on May 21, 2020, “Tenacity,” a creative non-fiction story about an unexpected drive with nature.  Link: Quail Bell Magazine

The Pangolin Review, issue #14, January 8, 2020, “No More Regrets,” “Escape,” and “Merciless Storm” (poems) Link: The Pangolin Review

Twist in Time Literary Magazine, September 1, 2019, “Waning Time” (poem) Link: Waning Time

The Skinny Poetry Journal, July 7, 2019 “Hour Glass” (poem)  Link: Hour Glass

Twist in Time Literary Magazine, July 1, 2020,  “Roaming Yellowstone” (personal narrative) Link: Roaming Yellowstone

Nailpolish Stories, A Tiny and Colorful Journal  (Flash Fiction, exactly 25 words, based on the name of a nail polish color)

Link: Nailpolish Stories

July, 2016      “Sole Mate”

April 2017       “Guilty Pleasures,” “Minimalistic,” “In Stitches,” “Under the Twilight”

Best of 1017   “Guilty Pleasures”

Jan., 2018        “Brown Bag,” “Pump the Jam,” “Turquoise and Caicos,” Shattered Souls,”

“Quiet Time”

Parks and Points  (Personal Narratives)

“Unexpected Visitors” about our trip to Palo Duro Canyon State Park in the Texas Panhandle

“Timeless Land” about a family trip to the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve in Utah

Burningword Literary Journal, issue #85   (Poetry)

Jan., 2018        “Aged”

The Skinny Poetry Journal (Poetry)

Feb., 2017 “Urban Pandemonium”


Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review          (Poetry)

Vol. 6, Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2018     Time Passage: “Silent Ivories,” “Perspectives of Lost,” “Life’s Clock”

NatureWriting (Defunct as of January, 2019 and no longer accessible online)

Aug. 7, 2017   “Triple Falls”

Sept. 4, 2017   “Pretentious Flair”

Oct. 8, 2017    “Remnants”

Oct. 21, 2017  “Masterful Sculpture”

Feb. 10, 2018  “Glacial Ecstasy”

Feb. 17, 2018  Winter Storm—2 poems: “More Snow” and “Wintry S’mores”

Feb. 24, 2018  “Slow Melt”

Mar. 15, 2018  “Vigilant Hunter” and photograph by Sara Cottrell

May 17, 2018 “Brown Witch’s Butter” and photograph

May 23, 2018 “Where’s the Pizza Party?” and photograph by Sara Cottrell

July 4, 2018 “Day Lily Dialogue” and photograph

Dragon Poet Review (Poem and Flash Fiction piece)

“Nature’s Solace,” (poem) and “Disturbed,” (flash fiction)

The Remembered Arts Journal (Poetry)

Fall, 2017        “Bone Dry”

Spring, 2017    “Restorative Cloudburst”

Fall, 2018        “Captured Moment”

Where to purchase journals and anthologies containing writing by Suzanne Cottrell (Suzy Berry)

You can go to the following sites.

My Amazon Author’s page at  Here’s the link:  My Amazon Author’s Page

Prolific Press Bookstore~ Just type “Suzanne Cottrell” in the search box.  Currently, my writing appears in 7 different journals and anthologies published by Prolific Press.  Here’s the link: My writing at Prolific Press

Women Speak, Portraits, Poetry, and Prose of the Feminine Experience by Nancy L. Smith and Select Women Writers~  “Using Nancy’s painting of the feminine form as prompts, writers give voice to unspoken experiences of the heart.”  This book includes my poem, “Altered Silhouette,” written in response to Nancy’s painting, “Twilight Reflection.”  Here’s the link for purchasing information.  Women Speak