About Me

An Ohio buckeye by birth, I live with my husband and two rescued dogs in rural Piedmont North Carolina. An outdoor enthusiast and retired history and special ed. teacher, I enjoy reading, writing, knitting, hiking, biking, Pilates, Tai Chi, and yoga. I also enjoy researching history and culture and love nature and its sensory stimuli. I particularly like writing and experimenting with poetry and flash fiction, as well as working on collaborative projects especially with my daughter. My work has appeared in numerous online and print journals and anthologies, such as the Best Emerging Poets Series; Poetry in Plain Sight; The Haiku Journal; Inwood Indiana Press anthologies; Bearing Up; Exploring; That Southern Thing; The Avocet; Poetry Quarterly; Plum Tree Tavern; The Pangolin Review; Parks and Points; Nailpolish Stories, a Tiny and Colorful Literary Journal; Three Line Poetry; The Pangolin Review, and Burningword Literary Journal. I was the recipient of the 2017 Rebecca Lard Award for Poetry Quarterly (Prolific Press).

It’s never too late to pursue a passion!