Value of Extra Eyes

It never hurts to have at least one extra set of eyes look over what you have written.  Sometimes my brain is processing what I want to write, and my fingers just can’t keep up, so I leave out a word here and there.  No matter how many times I reread something I have written, use spell check and grammar check, and/or read the words aloud, I manage to miss a mistake.    My eyes must send a message to my brain to fix the error without informing my fingers.  Thus I correct the error in my mind while I’m reading not realizing the error still exists on my paper or computer screen until a family member, good friend, or member of my writers’ group points it out.  I am very grateful for their keen eyes and support.

I’ve heard that if you read a passage written in English from right to left that you’re more likely to discover a mistake.  I could see how that would slow down your reading rate.  Perhaps you could find certain types of errors like misspelled words.  I don’t think that technique would help identify syntax errors or awkward wording.

In the future, if you are reading my blog or some of my writing and you discover an omission, mistake, or awkward wording, please let me know.  I would appreciate the opportunity to correct any errors.  Thank you in advance.  Gosh, I sure I hope I didn’t make any mistakes in this post.



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