Remington Review

I just celebrated Christmas in July, 2022 with two publications in the current online issue of Remington Review.

The cover is a painting of a heron by a very talented plein air artist, good friend, and Delta Zeta Sorority sister, Jenny McKinnon Wright. You can read about Jenny’s inspiration and process on page 96. To accompany her painting, “Hunting,” we collaborated on a poem, “Solitary Hunters,” found on pages 97-98. My previously published flash fiction story, “Wilted,” is found on pages 40-42. You can see and read our work at this link. I hope you will enjoy Jenny’s painting, along with our poem and my story, as well as enjoy the other pieces in this wonderful issue of the Remington Review. The summer is flying by, and autumn is just around the corner. Jenny and I are looking forward to collaborating on another project in the near future.

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