Celebrating 301 Publications

Sunday, March 12, 2023, with the posting of 3 haiku in issue #536 of The Weekly Avocet, I reached the publication of 301 single pieces in 62 different journals, anthologies, books, and exhibits. Perseverance pays off. My writing publication journey began on July 26, 2016 with Nailpolish Stories, A Tiny and Colorful Literary Journal publishing my 25-word story, “Sole Mate.” Not only have I been fortunate enough to have individual pieces of my writing published, but Kelsay Books also published my three poetry chapbooks and in December, 2022, published my hybrid book, Nature Calls Outside My Window, A Collection of Poems and Stories.

Over the past six and a half years, I have developed some wonderful working relationships with editors such as Karen Kelsay, Charles Portolano, Randell Jones, Glenn Lyvers, Nicole Monaghan, Richard Streur, and Stephanie Lamb. I’ve appreciated opportunities to improve my craft and to network with other writers through the NC Writers’ Network, Women’s Fiction Writers Association, Taste Life Twice Writers’ Group, Creative Voices Writers’ Group, and the Looking Glass Rock Writers’ Conferences. These afforded me opportunities to form lasting writing friendships.

I have also been lucky to work on a few collaborative projects, which have been published. Our daughter, Sara Cottrell, took the photograph used for the cover of my third poetry chapbook, Scarred Resilience. Jenny McKinnon Wright, a talented en plein air painter and Delta Zeta Sorority Sister, inspired poems and a story with her artwork. Phyllis Castelli, a Pilates and writing buddy, and I wrote a poem.

It’s never too late to pursue a passion. I’m extremely grateful to my family and writers’ groups for their encouragement, time, and feedback, as well as the support of friends. Thank you for taking the time to read my work, purchase my books, and share my writing with others.

I am pleased to announce that Nature Calls Outside My Window, A Collection of Poems and Stories and Gifts of the Seasons, Autumn and Winter are now available as e-books too.

What’s next? I hope to publish a collection of flash fiction stories, as well as continue writing poems and short fiction stories and personal stories & essays.

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