Starting a new journey

After writing, submitting, and publishing for just over two years, I decided to take the plunge and set up my own website.  I’d been avoiding this task because it seemed like it would be too much work.  Writing is a hobby, not a second career.  If it becomes too much like work, I will move on to another hobby I enjoy or discover a new, pleasurable activity.  Retirement is about enjoying and appreciating life.

Some of my friends, who are professional writers, informed me that I needed to have an internet presence if I wanted publishers to consider my work.  Apparently, publishers want writers to have an internet and/or social media presence for marketing purposes.  I get that, but I’m writing for the joy of writing.  If some of my writing is published, that’s wonderful.  However, I am not writing to make a living.

Many of my friends and relatives have asked me where they can find my writing on line and in print.  Therefore, I thought it might help to set up a website.  I am giving it a try with a basic plan.  I’ll see how it goes.  I am a technological dinosaur, but I’m learning.  I’ll figure out a way to make this fun, right?

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